This year’s IMAV 2024 conference and competition will take place from Sept. 16th till Sept. 20th in Bristol, UK. We are in the process of putting together the program, please do come back to this website to see the updates.

Keynote Speakers

We are delighted to announce the first of our keynote speakers as Professor Ulrik Pagh Schultz Lundquist.

WildDrone: The WildDrone project aims to revolutionize wildlife conservation practices by using autonomous drone technology as a unifying platform to monitor wildlife populations, track their movements, and manage human-wildlife conflicts. In this talk Professor Pagh Schultz Lundquist will give an overview of the WildDrone network, research and training activities, the interdisciplinary methodology, and the specific drone-related research currently taking place in the project.

Professor Ulrik Pagh Schultz Lundquist is Professor and Head of Center for SDU UAS, the drone center at University of Southern Denmark. He is currently coordinator of the WildDrone Marie Curie Network and is interested in the design and implementation of aerial, mobile, and self-organizing robotic systems with a focus on the use of high-level software abstractions to achieve safety, reliability, and robustness. 

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